The Blue Charm Inn

The Blue Charm Inn

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7 thoughts on “The Blue Charm Inn

  1. Hi all…….

    Nettie and Fran you are headed out on the adventure of a lifetime, or so it would seem.

    Here in Newfoundland we are blessed with another small amount of snow today……….but don’t let that put a damper on things……..things will be much better by the time you arrive…….

    To all your friends …….and family…….

    They will be treated as one of our own , we shall do all that there is in our power to make their vist as memorable and exciting as possible………..

    See you both very soon……..God’s speed….


  2. hi nettie and fran…looks like u will be well taken care of by the canadians…getting close now..i will be waiting with bated breath for your missives .take heaps of photos and also draw some things…just in case your cameras malfunction…dont forget the batteries.!!!
    keep an eye out for bears like we do regards are in their territory. luvs ya heeps [sic] mum [gwenda].


  3. hey you lovelies…..

    open your heart and embody the mysteries that are about to unfold…..with joy and love.

    all has eased out of my body, woohoo! I am my full self again, carrying no foreign matter.

    much love


  4. Hi gals,
    How is the air on the other side of the world? I suspect you need to cover up against the cold bite of the north wind instead of the south wind. It sounds very strange to say that!

    To watch for being snowed in for weeks rather than for fire, bears instead of snakes, moose instead of kangaroos, icebergs rather than whales or sharks. Will you be trying a moose steak?

    Glad to hear the long flight was trouble free and that the grand adventure is under way. Waiting with expectation for your communications.

    Lots of love, Shiv’s


  5. If all Aussies are like you two – I’m moving down south!

    Great blog – will follow it all the way. Hope the BCI, and Newfoundland is all you’d hoped it would be.

    As Dru said: “In a soft unchallenged existence how can you possibly know what you value?” You are surely challenging yours. Good on ya!



  6. Hi gorgeous girls….my first look into your blog spot, has it really only been a week. Indeed you have had many adventures already….you will need a holiday when you get back. Some great pics and great writings. Those guiding you sound like wonderful big hearted generous souls so willing to take you into their world. You do manifest well!!Happy travels and I look forward to updates.
    Love and kisses and big hugs from Cory xxxx


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