10 sleeps till we leave this home we love…from one wonderland to another

10 sleeps to go!!

Our Bush Garden

7 thoughts on “10 sleeps till we leave this home we love…from one wonderland to another

  1. Wow, this is going to be such an exciting time for you both! And we are so excited to soon be able to meet in person; seems like we have known each other for years. We know you will have a wonderful time on your travels across Canada, and particularly here in Newfoundland. We can hardly wait to show you the sights of our beloved Fogo Island in a couple of weeks.
    Have a safe journey and we’ll see you soon!


  2. Hey Nettie – missing you already, and you haven’t even taken off yet (on a plane)!!!
    Wishing you and Fran an amazing and exciting holiday!!


  3. Dear Fran and Nettie,
    we are excited for you and know you will have great appreciation of the wonders available to you.


  4. Found your blog page, don’t you just love this form of correspondence? I’ve started one of my own too, early days though as I haven’t posted anything yet.
    The photo’s look great on your home page, the bushy landscape of your block in Canada looks very similar to the Sate forest around Julgala.
    Anyway Bon Voyage and enjoy your ‘great northern odyssey’.
    Love and Best wishes
    Julia xx


  5. thanks for all your well wishes

    we are packing the car and heading to Melb via one last wedding in Bendigo

    3 sleeps to go and current temp in Newfoundland is 2 degrees!

    but hey who cares? we’ve got plenty of thermals……

    Fran and Nettie xx


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