Quebec City

Quebec City

Merde!  We left for Canada and ended up in France……

A little disorienting at first – but hey the language and temperature was hot and sexy so we kinda felt at home….

Montreal a similar ambiance to old Melbourne town and we were very comfortable accommodated with new friend Cydie Le Blanc (thanks Maureen for the intro – she is wonderful!) in the apartment built after WW11 for returned GI’s in Italian duplex fashion – a very European feel.

Although a little jet lagged we thoroughly enjoyed the road trip from Montreal to old Quebec City following the mighty St Lawrence and passing through quaint villages all abloom with Spring activity – native lilac bushes lining the streets, the ubiquitous Maples a vibrant new green – the locals Spring cleaning windows, walls and painting fences after the great thaw of winter.

Quebec City awaited us at the end of the road and the old walled citadel itself just blew us away…….walking through the labrynthine cobbled streets on a beautiful Spring Day was surreal.

Cydia knew exactly where to take us and we caught a ferry just for the view – the same trip she has be taking for over 50 years since a toddler……

A privilege indeed to be with someone so passionate and knowledgeable about her home Province.

We gave our calves a good work out up and down the steep cobbled stone roads so no deep vein thrombosis for these ole gals…..

A special treat indeed and we have vowed to return…………

Now at Halifax Airport awaiting connection flight to St John’s Newfoundland – our 5th plane in 3 days…………


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