St John’s Newfoundland

Arriving in St John’s

Well… has it only been another 24 hours?

Flying into Halifax airport we came out of fog and cloud and within one minute the plane’s wheels were on the ground, take off was the same. It was a little nerve wracking as we could see nothing. But as we came into across the strait to Newfoundland the skies cleared and there it was…like Avalon coming out of the mists…

If you can imagine a land totally opposite to the dry forested land of our homeland this is it… from above it was almost like joining the dots of endless ponds with strips of rock and land.

Craig and Roxanne met us at the airport with a welcome sign. We were all nervous with excitement and anticipation as we walked into the reality of this shared dream. What a welcome! We have come home here in Newfoundland to a new, yet incredibly familiar branch of our world family. Thank you to you both for such a warm open-hearted invitation into your home and hearth….

A laughter filled day with Sandy and Roxanne seeing their favourite sites in and around St John’s has been really special.

Oh yeah- our new mobile phone number while in Canada is (709) 7284786 – check codes to ring out of Australia

Would love to write more but taking our weary selves to bed

Oh yeah – it snowed!!!!

… and tomorrow to the Blue Charm Inn


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