Nettie and Fran and the Blue Charm Inn

I am writing this for Nettie and Fran to update everyone about their continuing adventure.Their hired car is a Chev Tahoe……a very large rig with an airplane-like dashboard. Fran circled the airport parking lot to become familiar with the car and driving on the other side of the road.On saturday morning they were off on the trans Canada highway for the three hour journey to Gander. Fran and Nettie enjoyed the landscape and frequent views of the ocean.We all stopped at Gander for supplies and lunch and then it was another hour or so  drive accross a very bumpy dirt road to New Pond.Craig welcomed them to their wilderness home by walking them to a spot where they could view the cabin from one end of the pond and there were smiles and huggs all around.A short boat ride brought us all to the “jetty” and Nettie and Fran were delighted with the cabin and its surroundings.There was a passing of keys to the property and then the grand entrance and tour.I’m sure the “girls” will add their own flavour to their thoughts and feelings at this point when they can get back to this site.The wood stove was started and fishing was the entertainment followed by a lobster dinner.The “girls” love the fishing and both a getting very skilled at this.They both caught several trout over the course of the weekend.There has been a lot of boating and sight seeing and meeting neighbours and laughter.We have told so many stories to each other and their families and friends are mentioned often.Yesterday Fran learned to drive the boat…… she is a natural.We had to return to St. John’s yesterday but Nettie and Fran remained and will stay for another 2 days before going to Fogo Island. Nettie is learning many of  our Newfoundland sayings. They are having so much fun. Its been a real joy and blessing to have  them in our dear little corner of the world.They will be in touch soon and they wanted everyone to know they are well and really enjoying their journey.

Roxanne Rodgers-Harding


3 thoughts on “Nettie and Fran and the Blue Charm Inn

  1. hi roxanne. why arent nettie and fran writing on their own computer? we all have been waiting days for their missives.
    where is fogo island in relation to the cabin?
    what is there they hope to see.? i have their itinerary on my fridge, and see its fogo is. wed, thurs.cant remember why they were going there. glad they are having a super time, they both need it. i’m sure they will learn a lot about canada and will tell us many tales of the warm welcome and sights they have seen.
    loved the jade inuit big and so interesting.i bet nettie will incorporate them in some paintings when she gets home.


  2. Hi Gwenda,
    The reason they aren’t writing is likely because there is no Internet access at their cabin. We are the ones they are going to visit on Fogo Island. Nettie called yesterday to say they will be staying with us from Friday to Sunday. I am sure they will write on their blog once they get to our place. But no need to worry when you don’t hear from them. They are having a wonderful time.
    You can see what it’s like on our island by clicking on our name at the top of this message to see some pictures. Most of these were taken from right in front of our house.
    Glen B.
    Fogo Island, NL


  3. thanks for your thoughtful comments Roxanne…it was great to know that you had passed on the news

    and Glen for your reassurance

    we are having a quiet night overlooking the harbour of Twillinggate, having feasted splendid fish and chips we are catching up on a bunch of emails

    looking forward to seeing you both soon

    fran x


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