Fogo Island Adventure

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Ferry to Fogo

After traversing the causeways and islands between Twillingate and Farewell we caught the Fogo Island ferry.

On board we shared a table with Professor Ludlow who was on his way to visit his childhood home at Joe Batt’s Arm on the northern tip of the island where his 98 year old father still lived. Together with his brother they are restoring the family home to its original condition and he had many fond memories to share. It would seem you don’t need to look far for someone to have a meaningful yarn with on Newfoundland………….

After an hour’s ride via Change Islands we were met at Stag Harbour by Glen and Linda. And if you haven’t checked out Glen’s photographs yet they are a must see and here is the link:

The island was shrouded in foggy vapours which gave the stunning scenery a magical air.

We saw our first Caribou on the way to Glen and Linda’s home in Island Harbour, a cosy hamlet of 180 people.  The entire Fogo Island is home to a mere 2,500 souls.

The welcome was warm and generous and Linda’s home baking was hard to resist: scotch eggs, home made pizza, lemon merange pie, blue berry pie, with the wild berries harvested with her daughter, Jacqueline, last summer from the hill behind the house as they gazed out to the sea. Apparently the berries were so plentiful Linda could sit down and just pick around herself.

Our first morning us girls went for a walk to the end of the point in front of the house – check out the photos – everywhere we pointed our camera there was a stunning composition to capture.

In the afternoon Glen, Linda and Jacqueline took us on a  lovely tour of the island and we visited the communities of Tilting (Canada’s first heritage site being the oldest white settlement in northern America and is also known for the Irish accented population who have been living there for 300 years or so), Black Head Cove, Deep Bay, Joe Batt’s Arm, Fogo and many of Glen’s favourite photography sites and subjects.

Our last evening we had a good laugh over the amazing power of the internet as a tool to connect people from opposite ends of the world as we drank Jacob’s Creek Merlot  (Aussie wine) coincidently bought from the local shop and watched footage of The Eagles playing at a Melbourne concert! We found we had a lot in common to share and laugh over.

We LOVE Fogo Island and aren’t concerned that the fog never lifted while we were there nor that we didn’t see any icebergs nor that the temp didn’t vary between 0 – 4 degrees – it was all enticing and delightful for us and……. we know we are coming back next summer !

Thanks so much Glen, Linda and Jacqueline and little doggie Chrissy for sharing your home and hearth and your island – we really enjoyed ourselves.

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