T’was Twilling and the Slythy Toges……….

A very warm welcome awaited us at Wavey and Winston’s Hillside B & B in Twillingate, the oldest residential building in the area dating back to 1700’s……..

Wavey, who spoke with an accent straight out of Bristol even though her family goes back 10 generations on Newfoundland, grew up in near by Merritt’s Harbour, which before the causeways were erected in the 1960’s was only reachable by boat and 80 families lived a hard working but close community life. With her husband they spent most of their working life living in Labrador City that was a mining town way to the north. Now in semi-retirement, they love their new life of entertaining visitors during the ‘warmer’ months of May to September and we could have sat all day in her warm cheery kitchen listening to tales of yesterday.

It is certainly true what they say of Newfoundlander hospitality.  Driving around the area after the best meal of fish and chips so far, we found ourselves in the tiny hamlet of Durrell on top of hill next to museum at nightfall. About to drive out after taking in the view we were met by Ray Blake who stuck his head out window and said “ Are you be wanting to see the museum, I got the key!”  he had seen us drive up from his kitchen window and gave us a very personalized tour of the museum that include many relics that he had donated himself.

After a hearty breakfast the new morning of bran muffins, molasses bread and partridge berry jam, we loaded ourselves back into the truck and headed south for Fogo Island.

No icebergs yet………..

View from Harbour Cafe Window

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