Iceberg at Last!

Iceberg At Last!

Well we have traveled 1200 kms on the island of Newfoundland and didn’t see a single moose but on our way back from ‘up island’ we were driving along the northern coastline from Musgrave Harbour when we saw a white lump in the distance – could it be an iceberg? what else could it be?  So excited we were, it was like our own private iceberg coming to say farewell……..can you see it in the distance?  Must be huge close up……

We took our time meandering back through every nook and cranny on our way to the thriving metropolis of St John’s (approx pop. 250,000) so many coves, so little time……

The clouds parted and we had some sunshine which made the water a brilliant blue – water water everywhere and lots and lots to drink!

Getting ready to say last farewells to our new found families on Newfoundland before flying to Toronto to catch train (free Wi Fi on train so many blogs to come…) to the Rockies…ah what a life …..

And what a joy to speak to our families on Skype this morning – Lizzie, Andrew, Lucius, Jaxon, Erin and Mirakye – we miss you all!  Not even halfway through our 5 week trip and it feels like months……..

We’ll end this post with a beautiful poem penned by our Newfie buddy, our new bro, Craig – a real poet of the heart:

Today I’ve painted a picture

Of the world’s most beautiful face……

In it are all your features

Nurtured by time and grace….

Those tiny lines of character

Added for just the perfect look….

Shows all of God’s great patience

And the extra time he took…..

No flaws of imperfection

A master with the brush….

The perfect cheeks for laughter

And colour when they’re flush…..

I painted from no photo

Or drawing to help me start….

For darling I’ve always kept this picture

Safe within my heart……………..


One thought on “Iceberg at Last!

  1. What a thrill to have you all sharing so beautifully with us. An extraordinary insight into another world from the one I know. It seems the people of Newfound land have poetry in their hearts and grace in their soul’s. Craig’s words are sublime! Thank-you Craig, I am going to keep this poem.
    How amazing to glimpse/imagine the world past in such an unforgiving and tough landscape. To follow old wagon trails and be evoked to picture in our minds the people who travelled there, the communities that grew there, the lives lived that brought to fruition the modern day cities and towns. And like and unlike Australia, the diverse heritage that form the roots of a modern society that is now so changed from the original inhabitants way of life.
    The photo’s are so great that I almost feel like I am there with you. I have a selection now in the photo folder. The writing is so grand that I trust you intend to form it so it can be kept and cherished. Why is it that a townhouse in Glenroy suddenly doesn’t sound so grand? Lots and lots of love to all, Shiv’s


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