Farewell to Newfoundland

Farewell to our New Found Land

We bid a fond farewell to the land of Juniper and Spruce where lobster is as cheap as chook and the folk as friendly as they are renown to be around the globe.

We felt we were “as safe as in God’s pocket”, as Craig would say, the whole 12 days on the island.

It is one place where the reality of the experience matches the poetic blurb of the tourist brochure: abundant natural beauty; relaxed, friendly and non-materialistic people; four seasons in one day – and we wouldn’t change a moment.

Our plan is to journey back to the Blue Charm Inn, our second spirit home, in August/September 2011 to experience late summer and early “Fall” as we begin to know The Rock in all her moods.

Thank you to all our new found friends and family. We have been deeply touched by your generous spirits and for making us truly at home – we feel bonded to you and the land.

You will travel with us in our hearts and memories

Love Fran and Nettie xxx


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