Last Day in St John’s

We loved driving back into St John’s. The landscape is dynamic, strong with the strength of rock and water forged in glacial times. We loved the diversity of the island’s natural panoramas. Sad as we were to finish our tour, it was a pleasure to come home again to our Newfie family.

We spent our last day trawling shops and galleries with Sandy. What a treat! We have been delighted by the crafty, arty and literary bent of the locals.

Our first stop was to visit Constance in her home where she had been hanging an Australian flag all week in honour of our visit! A vibrant woman of a proud 73 years who spent a decade, not so long ago, backpacking the world including 3 years all around Australia where she would return to in a blink. Plenty of conversation and laughter as she plied us with the ‘best soup in the world’ followed by an enormous slab of lemon meringue pie, and numerous books….thanks Constance, loved the meeting.

And thanks to you Sandy for so enriching our visit with your thoughtful attention to detail… Jerry Evan’s prints were inspiring (check them out) and especially the chai tea at the Sheraton, and your gifts

We would like to share this poem Sandy wrote on the eve of our departure :

I will miss the wordsmith

wrapped in a blue blanket

from my bed.

silent, cool and rich

like forest moss.

I will miss the painter

in rainbow headband

Ariel’s child   mischief and mirth

who takes my hand

upon the mottled rock.

I will miss   these women

of half-full glasses.


One thought on “Last Day in St John’s

  1. great u are meeting some lovely generous people.

    they will stay i your memory long after u forget the scenery.

    its a very foggy day here ‘ i have to go to heyers rd dr , drats

    stupid eye problem…b…hell.!!!

    all is well here, we are going to grovey pub for melissas b/day

    tomorrow night. i bought myself a black top and long cardi, top is interesting design.

    the sales are fab at the moment, nearly bought a white coat.!!!!!

    the time is going quickly isnt it?

    have fun tho take care…love mum


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