Last day in the Rockies and train to Vancouver

We had a relaxed last day in the Rockies, as though we had almost had our fill… all else was a bonus.

We organized a flight in a light plane for the morning but the cloud was too low with the humidity at 100%!

So risking disappearing into cloud we took the tram car straight up the mountain, straight into snow… very cool as it is still so novel for us.

Then, as is it’s way, the weather cleared back enough to give us a spectacular view.

We boarded the last leg of our train trip overnight from Jasper to Vancouver and found ourselves yet again glued to the windows as we took in the ever-changing landscape.

The snow capped mountains went on, and on, and on, and on…passing Mt Robson, over the Continental Divide then down into the even broader rivers and almost jungle like mists of British Columbia.


3 thoughts on “Last day in the Rockies and train to Vancouver

  1. Hey Fran & Nettie!

    Of the chance encounters one experiences on a long journey, meeting you both and hearing of your experience in Canada, from east to west, was not merely memorable in the way matters of chance can be, but edifying in the way one feels when hearing of an act of faith undertaken just so, and so well.

    A short visit with you is like a grand tour through the realm of expansive possibility. Congratulations on your great success, and I’m amazed to have excellent memories of visits to both your antipodal homes. Perhaps I might show you something worth seeing in NYC when you’re passing through en route to your newest get-away in the Maritimes.


    Robert (Mac)


  2. Dear Robert

    well here we are back in our forest home after the most inspiring journey to northern realms

    we have feasted with our eyes, our bellies and our hearts and have returned feeling that our world, and the way we see and experience it, has expanded exponentially……..

    now adjusting back to home, family and work commitments and response-abilities

    even as we dream of new adventures and our planned return to The Blue Charm Inn Aug/Sept 2011

    how was the rest of your trip? and your personal journey into the land of Zen Buddhism?

    you may be interested to read our dear friend and wellness maintainer (Chinese Medicine) James’s website which has an excerpt about Taoist philosophy from his forthcoming book :

    Nettie has a wedding tonight – a candle lit ceremony in a rustic restaurant in Kangaroo Ground north of Melb
    and has taken many bookings while we’re away so is in for a busy season

    we were both delighted with the gift of our chance meeting with you – and marvel that in just the right moment of time how much can be shared…………

    hope the journey continues with joy

    warm regards

    Fran and Nettie

    Ps.. we have used the blog contact because your email address seems to not be working


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