Visiting Vancouver

Visiting Vancouver

We spent a delightful few days in Vancouver City including a trip to Vancouver Island. The pace of the city was much slower than Toronto – more like Adelaide than Melbourne.

One of the highlights of the city was meeting native artist Sonny Grant, a Tlingit Indian of the Kaagwaantaan clan from the Chilkat Valley who was born and raised in Juneau, Alaska. We bought a little carved harp seal from him and had a great chat.

And of course we had to check out the Vancouver Library with the idea of taking Fran’s photo next to the fiction shelves holding a copy of her novel Drawing From the Well…. but upon consulting the library’s catalogue we discovered that it was out on loan and that was even better!

At the invitation of Carol, whom we met on the train, we boarded the ferry to Vancouver Island on the middle day. The 90 min ride took us out through a little of the archipelago just off the city’s shores, with it’s abundant bird and seal life. Carol picked us up and took us straight to her Sidney, then off to the picturesque capital of British Columbia, Victoria, where we had tea at The Empress Hotel and promenaded along The Esplanade, finishing our tour with the First Nation long houses. Thanks Carol for a wonderful day, and your fine company!

On our last day we visited the University of British Columbia and the famed Museum of Anthropology that has the largest collection of native artifacts including original totem poles – it was truly humbling to be in the presence of these art works that had previously played an important role in the spiritual life of the native communities.

And now… north to Alaska!!!!


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