Well, we have crossed through the portal of Seattle into the third dimension of cruising.  The good ship Norwegian Star, otherwise known as the ‘floating trough’, is a combination of Scandinavian ship design and Asian service efficiency.  Most of the 2,000 passengers are overweight Caucasians (just like us) and most of the 1000 service personnel are from the Philippines who are all intent on making us feel nurtured in the lap of luxury… with great success we might add.

We sleep… we eat… we roll with the swell which even rocks this gigantum… we look out our balcony room window at the ever changing succession of Alaskan islands which are strung like gems along The Inside Passage.  We’re not sure where the back passage is, but are getting more excited as we inch our way north at 18 nautical miles per hour into glacier territory.

It doesn’t get dark now until after 11pm and the sun rises at 4am, which is about the time Fran wakes Nettie ‘so she doesn’t miss the amazing view’.

Last night we saw the live show ‘Tribute to Frankie Valle’ and tonight there will be Chinese acrobats –in the art deco inspired Stardust Theatre – all plush velvet and limelight.

And all this is happening right now in the Gulf of Alaska after travelling back up past Vancouver, through the Queen Charlotte Strait and Sound and into the town of Ketchikan, which was previously a logging, and salmon canning town, now servicing up to 10 cruise ships (20,000 tourists) per day. We were in dock for 6 hours today then retreated to our room to which we are becoming very attached, after strolling and shopping on our land legs. Please refer to photo of Nettie returning with new shopping jeep.

It is our third day in this dimension and watching the clouds, sea and land and soaring bald eagles in this extraordinary northern altitude makes us want to continue forever… please forward all mail to our new address c/o The North Pole………..

Can’t seem to load images via satellite at this time … will try later…love to all xxx


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