Trains and Boats and Planes…

Trains and Boats and Planes

Heading south today after yesterday reaching as far north as Carcross in the Yukon!

Another few amazing days with riveting views from the ship including a special detour up Endicott arm, a narrow fjord, with a glacier at its end.

And then aboard the train built in 1900 up to White Pass and along the Yukon Route. Saw another two black bears including one up a tree – that makes seven sightings- but still no moose – we think they are a myth!!

What vast majestic landscapes, mountain moved and formed by giant glaciers…

With this experience of gently moving forward through time and space we have felt an awakening in our gypsy souls…


One thought on “Trains and Boats and Planes…

  1. on sunday u will be singing..” going home, going home we are going home ” then all this trip will be relegated to the memory
    file. you will talk about it all the days of your lives…when something jogs your memory.
    dad and i did this often.
    it seems to have gone in a wink eh?
    see you when i see you…love mum


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