Last port of call – Prince Rupert in British Columbia

As we reluctantly turned southward our last port of call was Prince Rupert, a scenic harbour of islands north of Vancouver. Apart from its beauty it is known for being the third largest non freezing harbour in the world, Sydney, Australia being the second.

We took a boat trip out to Pike Island through a myriad of small islands and sparkling blue water. Tsimshian people thrived in this region for 10,000 years and had a village of 20 odd long houses on Pike Island, as it is now known, where they wintered till about 1500 years ago. We have included photos of petrogryphs carved into stones along the shore line.

We were  walked along the forrest trail by John, a delightful descendant of these people, while he told us stories and shared a little of the plant and animal life. One third of all First Nation people of the Americas north of Mexico lived in these abundant regions.

As we returned on the boat we felt well grounded and nourished by far more than just the delicious salmon we shared for dinner.


One thought on “Last port of call – Prince Rupert in British Columbia

  1. Looks truly beautiful. ‘Widows Walk”-Prince Rupert appears a picture -postcard, very serene I would imagine. The history of the place must have moved you deeply -so interesting. Enjoy the last of your travels, Jules xx


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