As one sun sets another dawn breaks

So we are home… still dreaming of mountains and waking in the night wondering which cabin on ship, train or land we might be in.

What an extraordinary trip… rich with landscapes and skies, rivers and ponds…but even more wonderful, an album of warm and generous people who have marked our journey with more memories and grace than we could ever have planned…

It was hard to leave Canada… both of us felt so at home from the moment we landed, in this  other land as vast and diverse as our own…

Thanks you to all of you who have opened your homes and hearts, and to those to whom fates brought us the briefest touch… you all remain in the vaults of our treasured memories …

And to our friends and family – we missed you all and thought of you often… it is hard to explain the delight of knowing that you could share and follow our path even when we could not touch in person

So now, out of superlatives, we are unpacking. Nettie is nettifying our home here in the Otways with her new treasures….

And we begin our dreaming of our next voyage…

Love to all and a deeply heart felt thanks for being in our lives…

Nettie and Fran xxxx


5 thoughts on “As one sun sets another dawn breaks

  1. Welcome home Fran and Nettie, and thanks for sharing your wonderful trip. It was exciting to open my emails every other day with more beautiful pics of your adventures.
    Love Di


  2. So you are both back home safe and sound! We miss you already; wish you could have stayed with us longer. The weather turned sunny and warm right after you left, and stayed that way; even yesterday was sunny and 25 degrees!
    Our house is too quiet now, and Chrissy, the Fogo Island Defender, has no one to growl at. Ron launched the Lady Lynch shortly after you departed. The only thing missing is our new dear friends from down under!
    We are happy that you enjoyed your trip so much. What a joy to be able to follow along on your adventure from our own living room! I bet you will have a lifetime of stories to tell!
    Looking forward to seeing you again next summer. Until then, take care!
    Love Glen, Linda and Jacqueline (Chrissy too!)


  3. Hello my new best friends wish l could be there with you both you sure made my life my day a little brighter when you came into my live with the best soup in the world have fun my sisters and thank you for all the fun photos kiss my Australia for me walk on the red earth with bare feet for me. Lots of love Constance.


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