Best laid plans of mice and women……….

They say that travel expands the mind and you meet interesting people… well we’ve done all that and haven’t left the airport in Australia yet! Sorry for the young basket ballers who have missed their first international tournament in Toronto, the golf and pool shark who travels the world losing the opportunity to win $ thousands, the chemical kinetic professor due to give her lecture at conference in Washington, the master in global leadership missing his lecture in Seattle after second flight cancellation in two days, and finally the wild child from Mildura who was happy to drink and meet new people all day and sundry 200 people we spent the day with in no mans land…. We are all staying at The Mantra overnight in downtown Tullamarine…. how about that!? So tomorrow we will try again at 6am …..sweet dreams all….


One thought on “Best laid plans of mice and women……….

  1. sounds like and interesting day, making the most of a bad situation….not quite what you thought you’d be up to, goodluck for tomorrow!!Fly little birdies fly and be free xxxxx Love you both!!


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