Travel survival stories, Route 66, crossing Arizona and the flying BBQ

As we travelled we realized that we were following the basic trail that was the old route 66. These days it weaves in and around the main highway with most of it all together gone. There were buses and groupings of baby boomer bikers all traveling this road of nostalgia.

As the temperature rose to 98 degrees we turned off onto a minor road heading north into Navaho Nation, with the radio up loud playing “60’s songs we sang our way further into the desert.

We had stopped at a view over a wash of pink rocks falling away into yet another canyon and were taking photos when we both turned to a roaring sound behind us. There, heading right at us, not 5 metres away was a BBQ in full flight!!!

It hit the ground almost at our feet and sent pieces of iron in all directions. Frozen to the spot all we could do was watch until the dust settled then look at each other in disbelief that not one piece had struck us…

It had come off the back of a ute at 65 miles per hour!! The local Indian family returned and stood it up but it will never cook again.

We have been feeling really blessed and this has truly affirmed it!

And we wonder if that revivalist ever found a suitable tent…..


4 thoughts on “Travel survival stories, Route 66, crossing Arizona and the flying BBQ

  1. hi there girls,for some rosebud reason can now log on-sounds fantastic and of course some of the fantastic country reminds me of mexico.gez xx and john xx


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