Heading further north into remote Arizona desert and Monument Valley

From Chile we headed north into truly remote desert realms. Small villages and chapters as they are known by the Navaho dotted the landscape where water could be sourced from deep below ground or in some rare cases from springs that flowed down otherwise absolutely dry mountainsides.

The land became more majestic by the mile and we simply ran out of superlatives. We will let the photos speak for themselves.

There is drought in this country and yet 3000 acres of New Mexico burned as a direct result of fireworks on 4th July!

Apparently Monument Valley became known to the western world after some white settlers who had moved there became concerned about the poverty of the indigenous population and suggested to John Ford – Hollywood director – that perhaps they could shoot their movies here on location instead of building studio sets and they have never looked back.

These days, like most of the most stunning locations we have seen, Monument Valley is owned and run by the local indigenous councils in partnership with National Parks.


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