Vermillion Cliffs and Lake Powell

Many parts of the desert we traveled through had been subjected to uranium mining (thanks Cory for the radiation drops!) and the further north towards Utah we headed, the less trees and the more brilliant the colour of the rocks.

We were unprepared for the emerald blue of Lake Powell adjacent to the township of Page where the Colorado River had been dammed.Such a contrast. High elevation to 10000 feet and windy roads afforded vast views across the Colorado Plateau towards the north rim of the Grand Canyon.

But first we checked into our lodging –     /      –   and one out of the book it was, sited on the dry dusty valley floor between two radiant red mountain ridges it was reminiscent of outback Australia with no phone, no internet and no hot water. As if in some strange American western fantasy we found ourselves in the ‘Broke Back Mountain’ room at Sam Merlotte’s (True Blood link) Lees Ferry Lodge is run by Charlie who is known for giving the customers lots of sass.  We got on just fine…

Vermillion Cliffs Bar and Grill is the lodging’s bar and cafe, self-described and boasting a selection of 160 different types of beer – we were taken by ‘Mother Wit’, a sweet organically brewed wheat beer.

We were now well and truly in cowboy country having left Navajo Nation just before Page, and quickly missed the gentle soft-spoken warmth of the First Nation people we had met.

We had looked for local flavour and character when booking these lodgings, sited amongst little villages called Marble Canyon, Bitter Springs and Cliff Dwellers. It certainly exceeded our expectations…


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