Safe on the Rock

Just a flying note to let you know that we have safely navigated the freeways of California into LA airport… what a white knuckled experience that was!! on the wrong side of the road and all!!

And after a red eye night flight across the USA into Toronto and a further 3 hour trip to St Johns we are here on Newfoundland in the embracing hearth and home of our Newfie family… and it is wonderful to be home here again…

We are stocking up on provisions and art supplies, purchasing our salmon fishing licences and leaving for the  Bluecharm Inn on Monday with Craig…

The skies are clear and blue, the Atlantic ocean sparkling and a very comfortable 21 degreees  – it got to 46.7 degrees on our final leg of the Arizona desert!!  but more of that later….we still have another desert blog or two to write when we have time at the cabin…

so love to all… and thanks for your interest…we had 560 hits on our blog on just one day last week!!!



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