Into the Vortex

What a transition from the plains of the Navajo (Dineh people) to the sophisticated Daylesfordesque mountain retreat of Sedona. Arriving amidst a monsoon storm was like stepping through a shower curtain from one reality to another. Every second shop front offered psychic consultations and spiritual tours. Famous for its four vortexes, all within easy reach of the town limits and trails, people come from all over the world in search of healing. You know when you are close to a vortex by the thick, twisted trunks of the nearby Juniper trees.……….and we are enjoying the ongoing connection to Juniper in all her moods and manners across Northern America……(here now in Newfoundland en route to cabin they are narrow and their tips point towards the ocean) After our sunset picnic at Bell Mountain Vortex, we both had beautiful sleeps with our balanced charkas and felt renewed and rested to continue westward down the mountain, into the furnace of the Arizona desert, edging ever closer to LA ………….


2 thoughts on “Into the Vortex

  1. Hello darling lovely friends

    I am remiss in my communication. Two days home since dropping you at the airport is my only excuse. Two all weekend conferences and another Sunday out doing something or another, oh-boy! Oh-girl, and what a conference last weekend – with Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Doreen Virtue, Louise Hay etc. Jaxon and crew here for a night and are now in Sydney for Heidi’s wedding. It all sounded as though everyone was full of joyful expectation so I hope it really was like that.

    I love your bluecharm blog and as usual feel enchanted by the vivid images that are woven for us. From – The Pen of Fran – may have been a well known catch phrase if this was a different age where most people waited for informed letters from travel writers. So, thankyou Fran for the sharing.

    I have tried to respond via the login app on the blog site but have failed to do so. I am doing something wrong but I haven’t worked the problem properly yet so don’t know what. Sorry for missing a weekend Skype.

    Got to go, dinner with Tony and Sam tonight. Love You both, hope the fishing is good Shiv’s


  2. How are you ever going to return to the hustle of daily life? Surely you are living a dream. How clever to conjure such delights for the soul. Your sharing is enriching our lives though know you are surely missed. Time moves slowly without you near, though all is well. Your photos are passing the feeling of a vibrant living earth bursting with life. How amazing to witness the transformations of the seasons on the growth around you, the plant life must be truly tenacious. I would imagine there are many tonics, soups and traditional potions to be had from the berries, and especially the roots, of some of those plants etc. Continue to enjoy dear friends. I look forward to more wonderful stories. With much love, Shiv’s


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