A Day in the life in the Cabin….

Well it’s been eighteen days at the Bluecharm Inn and we have been hard pressed to leave. The days had begun to meld and merge with each other as we slipped into the simplicity of life on the pond…

The blue skies of summer were few as the island experienced one of the most overcast July and Augusts in memory, not much rain but frequent mists and fogs. For us, so over the scorching heat of summer in Arizona, we haven’t minded at all. If anything it has enhanced the secluded magical quality of our retreat as we watched the ever-changing moods of water and weather passing by our window.

The first touch of dawn creeps in about 5am and with the twilight lingering till nearly 10 at night the days are long and languid. It took us a while to surrender to the stillness and quiet after the seven day a week busyness with our working lives that enabled us to be here like this. Now we wonder how we will take up the reins again…

The quieter and more entrenched we have become the more the wildlife has begun to trust our presence and return to their own patterns of foraging. Squirrels are a constant delight with their busy comical antics crunching on the little red bunchberries that surround the cabin. We seem to have a resident sleek black mink that we first spotted weaving through the rocky shoreline with the graceful surefooted confidence of a weightless shadow. We heard a squeal that may indicate a young family.

While sitting with neighbour Geoff at the table as always gazing northward  across the pond, the three of us were amazed to see an indigenous rabbit hopping down the jetty.

“Ooh, I ne’er seen that befores, no way”, Geoff exclaimed.

And then it dived right off the end into the swirling deep waters of the lake! Escaping that slinky mink no doubt…he dragged his sorry wet arse up over the rocky shore and disappeared into the bog laurel.

Geoff, our closest neighbour and a local from nearby Aspen Cove, works 28 days on and 28 days off an oil rig south of St John’s during which ‘we does 6 hourly rotatin’ shift’. He has traveled many of the big lands, Africa, Alaska and Siberia and but his Shangri-La is right here on New Pond building his own cabin in a little cove on the eastern side. He even winters here for some part of the season, bringing in his building supplies via ATV or snow mobile, sometimes trapping the rabbits whose fur turns white in the winter.

He tells us that in May last year he saw a black bear fishing off Cooper’s Point, which is 300 yards from our cabin. So we knows they are around…

Thanks to Geoff, Nettie pulled in her first Atlantic Salmon at a stunning little spot known as Tibbet’s Point where the long, fine green grass floated like a woman’s golden tresses under water and the silver fish with their mermaid’s tails leaped and teased about the boat. Thanks again to Geoff our neighbour and newfound friend whose warm hearted nurturing has made us feel all the more welcome in our new home.

Such a thrill. Fran has caught about 20 trout so far and we are well up on our Omega 3 – barely have time to light the BBQ before the shout :” I’ve got another one!” and it is gutted and cleaned and sizzling within 10 minutes and 10 yards of the water.

And there is a sound track that goes with this wilderness with the loons’ call echoing around the lake and its islands, the squirrel and grey jays chirping, the mink’s high pitched squeals and to top it all off in the dead of the night ….the chorus of coyotes howling amongst a backdrop of restless loons….

Safe and snug in our little cabin, when the wind has stopped whistling through the black spruce, we can hear the lapping of the water against our boat, and sleep lulled by the gentle current taking these pristine salmon and trout filled waters out through Ragged Harbour River, travelling north over waterfalls to the Hamilton Sound 15 kilometres away and then on into the mighty Atlantic Ocean…


One thought on “A Day in the life in the Cabin….

  1. Hello again Nettie & Fran , simply wonderous reading your blogs, the pictures bring it all into reality . So envious of your travells …. i can almost hear the happiness and relaxtion in your words. keep enjoying and travel safe .
    love SueD


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