On the Humber River at Deer Lake

We have just had a full week staying in Cormack, near Deer Lake, a crossroads town of 3000 residents. Nettie took a five day printing course with long term resident and master print maker Audrey Feltham. http://www.atelierwest.ca/gallery.html

WE both admire Audrey for her courage in pursuing her strong and evocative woman’s vision in her narrative artwork. A powerful printmaker working in isolation… love your work Audrey.

What a full, challenging and rewarding experience it has been – see Nettie’s art blog for details. http://nettiesartstudio.blogspot.com/

With three days of rain Fran read her way though a couple of Icelandic murder mysteries, then Jim, Audrey’s partner, another provincial guide, offered more fishing!

What was a girl to do but say yes!! So next I found myself up to hip deep in the raging Humber River fly fishing for now quite elusive salmon as they are tiring as they close in on their spawning grounds.

What an amazing feeling as if I clung on by my toes in my waders in the pummeling water. After the first fifteen minutes my legs were cold and as I swayed with the water I felt I was growing a mermaid’s tail. The second day Jim took me out by boat further up the Humber where we had several salmon rise to the fly but no takers. What wonderful wilderness in which to spend a day on the river… still no moose!

Audrey and Jim cooked us up a special Jigs Dinner, a traditional Newfoundland comfort food followed by cloudberry tarts… and delightful stories of Jim’s early years on Deer Island and teaching experiences above the 79th parallel in Nunavut. What a treat.

Thanks Audrey and Jim for sharing your art and your wild places.


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