Floating Symbols of Climate Change

We have started this post by showing the setting and location of the Fishing Point B&B where we are spending three nights. Last nights post included the iceberg visible from our bedroom window (we shifted the bed so we could lay and watch it drift!)

Today we went out by boat further into the Atlantic Ocean towards Greenland, unable to resist the opportunity to come closer to these ice sculptured wonders. The shades of blues and greens held an inner light of their own often almost vibrating with a shimmering aura. Checkout the colours as we were able to view the underside cavelike realms

Out of season they are melting quickly and we could see the rivulets of ancient water running from their hosts. Highly oxygenated it fizzes as it melts. Floating down from Greenland over the last twelve months some of this water was frozen over 100,000 years ago. It was as frightening as it was beautiful…


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