Ahhhhh…..back to the Inn

As wonderful as the people we have met and the sights we have seen on our travels have been, it was with a deep sigh of anticipation and a strong sense of homecoming that we gathered our supplies and traversed the rocky road home to the Bluecharm Inn.

After the wettest summer in the memories of most Newfoundlanders, September opened with sunshine turning the molten greys into sparkling blues. Each time we manage our transition across the water we are quite chuffed with what we are learning about the ways of the water and winds. Lucky for us, Rocky, another New Pond cabin dweller, was at the shore and offered to take the heaviest of our supplies to our jetty, saving us a return trip.

It was the last five days of the fishing season and we were pondering the possibility of landing another salmon when Craig, our friend and ever loyal province guide, appeared unexpectedly out of the woods on his ATV. We had run low on firewood and bless his good heart he had come to stock the woodheap… we are unbelievably cared for here. So we fished and we fished happy with trout but hopeful of salmon until finally there it was…look carefully at the photo following Fran’s taut line and you will see him under the water. Woo hoo!!!! Early in the season they are all female and then later the boys follow to complete the spawning process. Unlike Pacific Salmon they then return to the ocean with many heading to Greenland before another journey upstream.

Roxanne, Stephen and Ian joined us for a wonderful few days before our Newfie family had to return to St Johns for the start of the school year and work. They will return in the Fall for a last weekend before the ice and snows of winter to prepare and seal the cabin… We are so lucky to be able to share the love and care of this special place….

So now we are alone together again, settling in with books and art and writing, the fire is crackling and the rain has returned. Fishing is over till next year but the blueberries are ripe and lush and the endless movement of the pond is just beyond the window as we slip into the last ten days before we begin the long journey back to the southern hemisphere and our precious families… thanks again for sharing…it has made it all the more richer…xxx


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