Final Days

How swiftly and richly the time at the Bluecharm Inn has passed. We are now back in St Johns with our Newfie family, having left the cabin in time to dodge the wild wilds of Hurricane Maria. With a strange combination of anticipation and reluctance we are packing our treasures and memories for the long flight home. Three planes over 36 hours, 24 of them airborne.

The dawns and sunsets of our last few weeks coloured by the tinge of the coming Fall have been hypnotic…

The fishing rods were packed away a week or so ago as the season came to a close…though we continued to watch the jumping salmon with great longing it is a fine thing that the fisheries are so protected. After the last of our fresh trout and cod were gone we experimented with salted cod and dried capelin… mmm… the cod wins hands down… but finally we have some idea of what to do with that salted fish we have eyed off in Australian delicatessens. The blueberries continue to ripen all along the shore in our absence. We leave them to the black bears and grey jays.

Sandy joined us for three wonderful days at the cabin, great time had by all. Thanks for the harmonica in the sunset, Sandy.

After our whirlwind introduction of five days last year, a surreal and almost overwhelming experience, the combined total of five weeks at the cabin this year has given us a powerful taste of life on the pond and all that it offers, the experience of winter notwithstanding. It has by far exceeded our expectations and imaginings. Thanks again Craig for creating such a warm, snug and safe surrounds. And to Roxanne and Craig for nurturing our stay and comings and goings with such warmth, caring and unbounded hospitality.


6 thoughts on “Final Days

  1. Hi Fran and Nettie,
    I will so miss waking to your interesting travelogue and beautiful photos. I have enjoyed hearing about your fishing skills. I will be sad to say goodbye to your little cabin no doubt. Have a safe trip home. L Di


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