Bula Bula

Feels a little strange and a little intimidating to reopen this book of blog…  nine months has passed since we returned to Australia from our last retreat at the Blue Charm Inn, thinking it would be at least a year or two before we could possibly return. Yet its lure has been irresistible and so begins the pilgrimage back to the land of salmon, bears and the sort of quiet peace that resonates through your being with a tangible presence…

 We chose Air Pacific as a change from the corporate giants of Virgin and Qantas and were immediately delighted with the soft-spoken attention of the Fijian crew. Though not the brand new plane of last year’s departure, it nevertheless managed to leave on time!!! There is still comfort in the old and worn despite dysfunction seats and video screens and ashtrays at every arms reach.

 A twelve hour stop-over in Nadi, Fiji, meant sleep and a swim and a wander through streets still damaged from recent storms and floods in a country struggling to find the resources to repair.

Then back into LA, a city so filthy that even the air conditioners in the airports stained all the ceilings with long grey streaks of smog. After leaving Melbourne at 1.30am on June 30th it was 40 hours later on the same day that we found ourselves on the red-eye flight into New York…



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