Harlem, New York

It’s been three, now four (gotta get this blog up!) full and fascinating days roaming this immense and diverse city. We have just returned from a Harlem Heritage Centre Civil Rights Tour with Andi, an 84 year old local full of stories and history and memories(more later). Yesterday was a nine hour trek on foot, via the subway and crowded buses, exploring from 114th Street Harlem, where we are staying, all the way to 35th Street, Midtown, known as the Fashion District because that’s where they used to manufacture clothes until, like Australia, they stopped making things and started importing everything from Asia and other 3rd world countries.

Our Harlem hostess, Trevite  (pronounced “Trayveete”) Willis (www.sffilmworks.com),  has been most accommodating and we truly feel at home in the spare bedroom of her apartment. (via an alternative accommodation website www.airbnb.com ) We are very grateful for her generosity and friendship. This morning Trevite joined us in a local diner to meet Brian K . Jackson (www.ascensionartists.com) , whom we had chatted up on the flight from LA. last Sunday morning – is it really only that long! And a feisty discussion about religion and politics it was over brunch.

Here are a few shots of our first wander into Central Park, and around W114th Street where we are staying. There is much to tell but we are finding it a little hard with jet lag and a full on heat wave to have the energy at the end of the day… your patience will have its rewards… love to all xx



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