St Johns, Newfoundland at Last

St John’s Newfoundland July 2012

Blue Moon

Watching silently

Life and love holds on

Me and my dog

In the silky light

 Poem written by Stephen Alexander Harding (turning 14 on 4 Aug 2012)

What a relief to the senses to land back on The Rock after 3 hour flight out of the furnace New York and smell the sweet, warm air of Newfoundland in summertime.

A happy déjà vu to see the welcoming smiles of Craig and Roxanne waiting on the other side of Customs, our antipodean Newfie family.

After a couple of days shopping for supplies and lunching with our buddy Sandy we are now heading north west on the Trans Canada Highway back to The Blue Charm Inn.

We can still hardly believe we are here again. The sky is blue, the temp is 25, the Spruce and  Fir dressed in their best summer green, the spungy carpet of grass, lichen and moss is sprinkled with purple, pink and white lupins and the canny Juniper trees are pointing towards the ocean in the east.

How to convey the difference of breathing air that is not laden with dust, pollens or pollution?  Walking at sunset on Topsail Beach with its view of Bell Island, there is a home built in the style of a lighthouse perched on an idyllic spot……what a dream place to live.

This is the season for the Caplin (a skinny little silver fish a bit like a sardine) to come in on mass often to be stranded in the process of spawning on the shoreline. (see picture of grey line of roe on beach). Hundreds of seagulls swarm over head dive bombing the spawning caplin. Locals come down with buckets to scoop up the stranded fish to take home and dry out for a tasty treat. (for some) This is a beach of grey, white and indigo rocks where combing for the flotsum and jetsum always results in magical finds including the intriquing ‘mermaid’s purse’ and Stephen even found  a fossil last night.

Stephen is dreaming of creating a business ‘Reptiles on The Rock’ in a land without snakes or lizards. Ian is growing too and took us to the local convenience store for ice-creams with ‘his own money’.

We dream too of bring our children and grandchildren Lucius, Mirakye, Lana and Oscar to the enchanted island one day.

On this, our third trip, Craig has for the first time, trusted our local knowledge and can do know how , to set out for the cabin on our own. The car is packed to the brim with fishing and art supplies, including raku clay and seaweed for pit firing…and Sandy’s acoustic guitar that she has generously loaned us for the duration, fuel for the generator, stove and outboard motor and hopefully 5 week’s supplies (this is to complement the anticipated daily fare of fish and berries) so no need to venture back out to civilisation till then. Perching top of it all, is the outboard motor itself and life jackets for the little red boat that is waiting for us on the edge of New Pond…..

We will pick up our salmon and trout licences in Gander on the way and together with Craig’s hand made flies we are all set for the retreat into the woods. Even in our whimsical dreaming, we never truly imagined this life we could live. How thankful we are and especially for our global family and their love and support.

We have chapters of New York stories and images to share when we have the time and space to write on the blog again over the next few weeks.

Until then farewell dear friends….


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