Moods of the Pond

Well we have been in Cabin a month now… hours slipping into days… days into weeks… As before the wildlife has adapted to our presence and get around with their business hardly giving us a second thought.  Nettie’s art has been prolific (more to come at a later date) and the Fran’s new story is all but telling itself.

We know you’ve all seen a few photos of New Pond before, but the experience of being part of its ever-changing moods still continues to enthrall us. The rings you see are from the leaping salmon, we haven’t really tried to catch one in flight, as we are usually too taken by the power and energy of the fish itself. Great to see some of the leaping salmon are well over the keeping limit of 63cm though they are becoming frustrated as some of the shallow tickles (rocky sections) are too low for them to pass through.

This is the driest summer in the memory of most Newfoundlanders, reaching the same temperature as Florida yesterday. The river is still closed to salmon fishing though we are managing to dine well on trout and ouananiche (a landlocked salmon favoured by the Beothuk People).

So here is the best of our visual collection of ways that we have tried to capture the mood of our antipodean home. Enjoy! And  love from us both xx


3 thoughts on “Moods of the Pond

  1. Hi delightful women travelling the globe.. great photos – like your wok (and work for that matter).
    Good news Lizzie getting her Phd. Hailstones and storms this end – however we are all well and missing youse two. Keep well heaps of love, robyn XXXX


    1. Hey Robyn…good to hear from you! thanks for the feedback and yeah we are very happy and proud of Lizzie…..such a clever woman! sorry to hear about the cold, cold southern winter……..Newfoundland is hot…so we are in a different universe…….stay well and see you in the Spring! love Nettie & Fran xx


  2. Great shots, I love them all! Makes me want to watch the changes in that amazing mirror of a lake with you guys. Keep enjoying yourselves and bring some of that weather back with you! xxoo


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