Our First Australian Visitors arrive at the Inn and Boyd Cove Beothuk Interpretation Centre

How exciting to have our first Australian friends visit the Blue Charm Inn!

We picked up John and Gez from Gander Airport where they had returned their hire car after exploring the Western side of Newfoundland including the Northern Peninsula. Newfoundland was their last stop on a six week tour of Canada that started in Vancouver mid July. Oh the sights they have seen!

Not only was it great to have long time friends stay with us in our enchanted hideaway in the woods, it also marked a special coming together of our two seemingly separate realities – Australia and Newfoundland.

Being so far from home and family there is sometimes a dream-like quality to our life on New Pond, as if we had gone into hibernation or stepped onto Holo-Deck 3 on a Star Trek Voyage. Having John and Gez share our idyll was grounding as well as celebratory.

Much was packed into their three day stay including an eight mile boat trip up the river, a trek around the lake, a walk up Big Hill track hewn by Craig, having a yarn with our Mann Pond neighbours Bruce, Debbie and Tony, helping to paint the cabin windows, sharing meals of trout, salmon, and delicious curried moose cooked by Gez, fishing at dawn with Fran – John learnt to fly fish and caught several trout and an Ounaiche (‘native land-locked salmon’), and of course picking and feasting on the ripe blueberries that grow around the cabin.

On the last day we had a picnic and walked to one our favourite places, the site of a small village where the river meets the sea (who wouldn’t want to live there), at  the Beothuk Interpretation Centre at Boyd’s Cove, about 60 kms north of us. The Beothuk track to the old village site now has plants labeled along the way which enhanced the experience, John and Gez, being the botanicaphiles that they are… a truly beautiful and spiritual journey to the bronze statue of Beothuk woman.


Thank you John and Gez for coming all this way… across the oceans and the North American continent to visit us. It was lovely having you be with us in our northern hemisphere abode.


2 thoughts on “Our First Australian Visitors arrive at the Inn and Boyd Cove Beothuk Interpretation Centre

  1. hi there fran and annette,you have blogged our bci stay beautifully.it was a fantastic trans canada trek to get there,and a further adventure to get from gander to the sublime pond and bci.great times with dear old friends,meetings with earthy ,friendly ,delightful locals ,fresh off the line trout,fresh off the bush blueberries,and moose curry-and always the many hues of the gorgeous pond and the charm of the cabin.were still on the road and now in a far away world-washington dc-but those days at bci ,with our friends will always bless us with gorgeous memories-thankyou annette and fran ,bci and the wonderful surreal newfoundland and its folk..john and gez xxx more when we return to the oz.


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