A Pond Farewell

The weather’s been turning as autumn falls across The Rock, this island of Newfoundland, that has been our haven, our retreat, our sanctuary, our wilderness home. Eight wonderful weeks has come to an end and as we wind our way home, exploring a little more of the Island on our way to St Johns, it is not without a grief that we leave a little piece of our hearts here at the pond.

Two days before we depart a rolling thunderstorm of nine hours drops some four inches of rain in about twelve hours. From a dry, almost unremembered low pond level, overnight the water level has risen perhaps fifteen inches and is still rising. Note the water height of the jetty change as the storm flooded the district. This is no small pond system yet we could actually watch the water rise.

Perhaps it is our tears of goodbye…

In contrast to the glorious sunsets we have previously posted, this time we offer the grey stormy skies of the coming seasons.

Along with daily trout for lunch Fran finally caught a delicious silver Atlantic Salmon off the jetty. What a thrill! And what a feast!

We have really enjoyed spending time with many of our New Pond neighbours this season and thank them for their gifts of fresh bread and cod, boiled dinners, eider duck and great company. We both feel blessed to have found such a place of peace for our art and writing.

So we leave the Blue Charm Inn with a fresh lick of paint and a chorus of Nettie’s sculptures snug inside to keep an eye on things. We thought it might be two years before we are able to return but somehow we have been thinking it might just have to be sooner…


4 thoughts on “A Pond Farewell

  1. like all goodbyes its sad to go. you will have many photos to relive the experience that not many people in this world has the privilege to have lived. we will all look forward to seeing the book when its made. bon voyage to the next place…love mum.


  2. J really enjoy following your tales of your times in Newfoundland, and I love your photos. I live in Newfoundland, but my experience of the place from downtown St. John’s is nothing like yours. Thanks for sharing your version of my adopted home!


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