Bonjour from Montreal!

Bonjour Montreal ! 2013 – The Journey Begins

Un merveilleux voyage jusqu’a date, souaiterions que  vous  soyez avec nous!

Hard to open the blog again. Hard to imagine that we can offer something new travelling many of the same paths we have already journeyed with you. Yet life has this extraordinary capacity to show another side, to offer fresh perspective to tired eyes when the heart chooses to follow the even the faintest thread of adventure still to be found woven through the most mundane passages of living.

So it is with the long haul flights that have brought us yet again to this antipodean second home we have found here in Canada. From Melbourne to Los Angeles and then on to Montreal, where deliriously jet legged and immensely glad to be back on terra firma, we were met by our dear friend, Cydia.

So here is another taste of Montreal as we garner our supplies at the vibrant spring markets bursting with lush plants and produce. Canadians plant out profuse clusters of flowers and vegetables at this time, trying to squeeze every growing day into their short summer.

After following a trail of signs down a dingy rusted staircase we came upon a hidden basement where we found an art co-op store. We had found a wonderful remnant from the sixties of an art supplier, a self proclaimed socialist, still honouring the struggle to make a real living from grass roots art by keeping prices low and affordable while maintaining quality and diversity on its stacked to toppling shelves. What a treat! With great delight Nettie joined the co-op and has sourced her supplies for the cabin retreat. It was there we met Carol-Anne Grenier, fused glass artist from Ottawa and had a great chat over coffee. Check out some of her beautiful creations here :

Sunday in Montreal with our French speaking tour guide Madame Le Blanc (aka Cydia) was spent feasting in a sugar shack, a maple syrup farm ‘Sucrerie de la Montagne’, a 70km drive west of Montreal. A real sticky sweet mouth-watering treat!

Tomorrow we head off on a ten day driving tour of eastern Quebec…

Cydia and Nettie posing with the other Spring flowers…
they are cooked twice to remove natural toxins before eating….
sharing a laugh across the hemispheres….
Our Montreal home
Beautiful brick work in St Leonards……post WW11 Italian immigrant settlement
the entrance to the delightful world of maple syrup making……
Our charming host Michel – a man who truly loves his job !

DSC04432 DSC04435 DSC04437 DSC04440 DSC04450 DSC04463 DSC04467 DSC04468 DSC04476 DSC04484 DSC04485 DSC04493 DSC04499 DSC04502 DSC04517 DSC04524 DSC04545 DSC04549 DSC04557 DSC04560 DSC04565 DSC04566 DSC04567 DSC04568 DSC04573 DSC04574 DSC04575 DSC04578 DSC04579 DSC04580 DSC04583 IMG_6700


3 thoughts on “Bonjour from Montreal!

  1. Love those stoves, everything’s looks spectacularly colourful, happy first leg of your journey and look forward to much more, xx


  2. love the photos! Wow some amazing craft with those buildings and art and furniture pieces. Obviously these people have never heard of IKEA. Perhaps you had better not suggest it. Lots of love, Shiv’s


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