Old Quebec City

And today the old city of Quebec with its city gates and narrow cobbled laneways built high on the hill overlooking the St Laurence in both directions.  It never fails to enchant as a truly fascinating step back in time…

Originally an indigenous trading and celebration site till along came the French about 400 years ago and about 100 years later the English who, after defeating the French, negotiated it’s return it to the French at the Treaty of Versailles along with the territory of Quebec, Guadeloupe and Cape Breton.

We toured with Cydia for five hours through lanes and byways, up and down the steep hills drinking in the ambiance along with bowls of milky café au lait, almond croissants and nutty nougat.

Arriving in May three years ago we could only look with longing through the glass and locked doors of the Inuit art galleries and artist Co-ops. This time the doors were open and the displays were filled with dynamic sculptures carved into stone as hard as granite and as soft as soapstone. There is almost always movement and life to be found in these heart- warming carvings.

We finished off with an evening with Cydia’s second cousin, Anne-Marie, husband Thomas and children Aurelie, Justine & Philipe, who are coming to Australia at the end of the year!

Nettie in fancy dress…
Trompe-l’œil on side of building
preparing the flower boxes for Summer
there’s a bear in there…
living statue
two jesters
tattoo parlour
oldest hospital in Canada

DSC04761 DSC04764 DSC04776 DSC04777 DSC04778 DSC04779 DSC04781 DSC04785 DSC04786 DSC04787 DSC04788 DSC04789 DSC04792 DSC04795 DSC04796 DSC04797 DSC04798 DSC04799 DSC04800 DSC04801 DSC04804 DSC04805 DSC04810 DSC04812 DSC04814 DSC04816 DSC04819 DSC04826 DSC04830 DSC04833 DSC04838 DSC04843 DSC04845 DSC04849 DSC04854 DSC04856 DSC04859 DSC04860 DSC04861 DSC04867 DSC04868 DSC04869 DSC04873 DSC04876 DSC04881 DSC04886


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