Belugas, Orcas and Saint Simeon

satellite picture of meteorite impact of 350 millions years ago – creating the basin known of Charlevoix.


From Baie-St-Paul we pretty much hugged the river climbing into ranges not dissimilar to the Great Ocean Rd. We stopped for lunch at a village whose focus is a magnificent lilac garden complete with church bells for big and little children to play with.


But the pièce de résistance of this road trip has to be the whales!


We boarded the Zodiac (worth $200,000 Ca!) at St Simeon, all geared up, eyes wide, with the thrill of anticipation in our blood. Belugas, orcas and minke whales are enticed more than 500 kms up river from the Gulf of Saint Laurence to the emergence of the Saguenay River, a major river of Quebec 1750 kms long. The merging of the two rivers with their different temperatures produces a perfect environment for krill and therefore a vast and relatively safe feasting field for the whales.


Barely half a kilometer down river we sighted our first belugas, a sight that never fails to touch something deep and soulful. Suddenly the chill of the river and the open boat was gone! Belugas like to travel in pods of about ten and we were able to observe several playful pods on our way to the Saguenay junction. Belugas are unusual in that they don’t have fins so that they are able to use their backs to push up through the iced up river in winter to breathe.


Then an Orca rolled in the water just ahead, sharing with us the splendour of it’s distinct black and white lines and powerful body. WOW!! With great respect our captain always sat the boat back from the whales allowing them to choose to come closer or not… Two hours later we turned for home catching numerous more glimpses of belugas and another spectacular orca display. It was known that there were several huge Minke whales in the area but we were not to sight one on this day.

What a treat and a treasure to add to those special never to be forgotten memories.




festival of lilac
bells in the lilac garden
waterfalls are everywhere
barns are plentiful and some well loved
DSC05582 - Version 2
our accommodation in Saint Simeon – overlooking the river
the view from our chalet
intrepid whale watchers – all set for the zodiac ride!
first sighting …….funny little white things in the water…..very contrasted with the deep blue/green of the river – hard to miss!
Captain Franc – happy in his job – he left the pressure of engineering and moved to the area for the love of a woman and now spends his days cavorting with whales and tourists…
IMG_6768 - Version 2
our first orca!
beautiful art work being created at this studio
inspiring ceramics

DSC05331 DSC05334 DSC05337 DSC05359 DSC05406 DSC05415 DSC05418 DSC05430 DSC05433 DSC05451 DSC05455 DSC05489 DSC05503 DSC05506 DSC05512DSC05521 DSC05524 DSC05525 DSC05527 DSC05537 DSC05577 DSC05589 DSC05593 DSC05595 IMG_6741 IMG_6746 IMG_6748 IMG_6758 IMG_6763 - Version 2 IMG_6763 IMG_6768 IMG_6776 IMG_6790 IMG_6795


2 thoughts on “Belugas, Orcas and Saint Simeon

  1. Hi Nettie & Fran – what fabulous photos and commentary – wow, Canada!!! How marvellous…Thank you both so much for sharing, kind regards, Tam Kruger.


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