Gaspésie – sculptured by the sea…

La Matre Lighthouse – still functions with mechanical workings,_Quebec

Gaspésie (official name), or Gaspé Peninsula – eastern Quebec, Canada

Gaspésie  – sculptured by the sea…

The last leg of our trip through Quebec was to the Gaspésie Peninsula, rated by National Geographic as a special destination.

And it was! From our cabin/chalet at La Martre we traveled a 600 km loop through Gaspe, a collective of 27 villages across a 135km stretch, picking up a couple of splendid lobster for our lunch.

It was a truly wonderful experience and we have developed an affection for the friendly and happy people of Quebec – that you all for your warm hospitality!

And so we ended our 10 day almost 3,0000 kms road trip with Cydia  – with full hearts and tummies….we will be back to explore more of Quebec!

Charming little village-Petite Vallee- that hosts a major annual song festival – keeping the Francophone culture live:
Lobster time in Perce!
Our first view of Roche Perce!
lobster picnic…”one for you and one for me”
People all around the world are worried about gas fracking…
our chef extraordinaire Rogers cooking fruit de mer terrine
hostess Michele
our secret chalet …
getting ready for the song festival – thousands will descend on this tiny village to belt out the best French language song…
washing – this one is for you mum:)

Gaspési  DSC05953 DSC05962 DSC05964 DSC05965 DSC05971 DSC05989 DSC06006 DSC06026 DSC06030 DSC06057 DSC06058 DSC06059 DSC06064 DSC06095 DSC06102 DSC06128 DSC06135 DSC06138 DSC06140 DSC06146 DSC06192 DSC06203 DSC06238 DSC06256 DSC06270 DSC06272 DSC06280


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