Back to St John’s and heading for the Blue Charm Inn!

Stephen all ready to watch the Aussie cricket!

How lovely it was to breath that fresh briny air of St John’s again…Craig, Stephen and Ian (in his new suit and tie!) met us at the airport following the flight from Montreal via Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Our favourite Newfie family have looked after us well while we have got our supplies ready for the trip back to our cabin, the Blue Charm Inn.  A girl’s day out, with Sandy and Roxanne, our annual ritual in St John’s full of laughs and the best fish and chips (can’t beat the taste of fresh cod)  in town at the Duke of Duckworth pub – the one used in the TV series “The Republic of Doyle”.

Now the cars are packed, the fog has blown away, the clouds have burned off and and we are off ‘up island’ for a cabin retreat for 4 weeks.

We will try to get up an occasional post but our internet access will be limited for the next few months. Love to all and hope the Southern winter is gentle.

Fran & Nettie (aka the gypsy nanas)

Fran took this lovely portrait of Craig for his new Facebook page:
View of Signal Hill from St John’s harbour
the four of us enjoying a day in St John’s…Fran, Nettie, Sandy & Roxanne
cars are packed and ready to head “up island” to our cabin

DSC06376DSC06345 DSC06348


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