This Cabin Life




So incredible to be back here at the Bluecharm Inn for the fourth time. A moment of fancy, a playful whim has led to so much more than an annual pilgrimage across the world. After four weeks back in retreat in the cabin we would have to say that Newfoundland has become part of us, and us part of it. No longer a holiday, it has become a way of life, a deep and nourishing part of our year, more and more relevant as life passes, and while the liberty of health and work affords us the choice.


When asked on the second trip whether we were retired we replied perhaps semi-retired, then after some consideration decided that it sounded too old and not exactly relevant, and that we actually had become seasonal workers. And, as we are only truly beginning to realize, seasonal artists, communing with a natural world rich, enchanting and provocative in its exotic and pristine splendour.


It is harder to post from the cabin this year as you have all seen so many photos of the water and it’s moods, of the weather and the full colour saturation of sunrises and sunsets. Much more of our time this year is internal, as we attempt to find expression to reflect back to the world the wonder of our experience.


Included are photos of the burnished ceramic pieces that we have experimented with and fired in our wood heater stove with good success. Most are in preparation for the coming smoke pit-firing workshop this weekend.


Note also the beautiful creations Nettie has knitted including the spiral jacket for Mirakye.


Our neighbours on the pond continue to embrace our presence here with a hearty welcome and a generous sharing of the bounty of a culture that still leans heavily on the resources of land and sea. This has included lobster, crab, salmon, trout, cod, redfish and some very tasty moose! Lucky we are not vegetarian! And it is great to be eating so much locally sourced produce.


Nettie is always keeping a look out for mermaids and selkies and her art tells of her current passion. Fran is writing again, lost to worlds of her own imagining. We are thriving and miss you all and hope the constant pummeling of propaganda driven by the coming election is not too despairing. xxx



smoke affected sun from Labrador and Quebec wildfires
we have seen mother ducks and her babies crossing the pond/lake several times the past two weeks, sometimes having to dodge the loons
Nettie’s selkies in progress
unfired and partly burnished samples getting ready for the workshop
first stage water colour experiment
prep drawing for lino print
mermaid….chinagraph and silver oxide drawing on black gesso
burnishing the clay with polished river stone
experimenting with bisque firing in the wood stove
fired and burnished ….ready for the workshop!

DSC06398 DSC06403 DSC06412 DSC06414 DSC06417 DSC06420 DSC06432 DSC06647 DSC06650 DSC06652 DSC06655 DSC06660 DSC06670 DSC06673 DSC06691 DSC06692 DSC06695 DSC06697 DSC06699 DSC06700 DSC06705 DSC06708 DSC06710 DSC06713 DSC06721 DSC06722


4 thoughts on “This Cabin Life

    1. thanks Di, hopefully will have copper oxide at the workshop this weekend…have really enjoyed experimenting with small manageable, hand built pieces….have thought of you and your pottery business often…do you miss it??


  1. Houhou!!! Girls , you are amasing… and your worshop sublime!!! thanks to share! bizouille… Murielle amie de Cydia! a Montréal


    1. Bonjour Murielle! glad you have enjoyed the blog, we had a great time travelling Quebec..hope life is good in Montreal and you enjoyed the Jazz Festival with dear friend Cydia!..Maybe we will join you one year for some good wine and music…au revoir for now 🙂


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