Leaving the Pond 2013





The wind outside is howling, the temperature dropping over the day from 23 to 11 degrees as the weather circles to come from the cold north. Autumn approaches as we pack to leave the tranquil life of New Pond and the Blue Charm Inn. Squirrels are scurrying about collecting their winter stash as the last of the salmon make their way up river. Soon the eels will head for Mexico to spawn.


It is hard to describe how we will miss the ever changing display of weather, water and sky that have been our constant companions for the last two months. Days of yoga and meditating followed by hours of sculpting and writing and fishing for our supper have blended into each other as we have merged with the pristine wilderness of Newfoundland.


The longer we stay the more confidant the wildlife have become with our presence. Nettie has had the grey jays feeding from her hand and the squirrels get cheekier. One full orange ‘harvest’ moon and the next two days we were visited by the Great Horned Owl. What a sight in the moonlight as it perched on a spruce, looked Fran in the eye, then swooped away on majestic wings. No wonder owls are so revered! Mesmerising  to watch the mink take to the water in the misty morning and swim to a far point.


The spawning salmon have leapt and frolicked in a constant display of exuberance and the trout have been pink and delicious.


Our neighbours here on the pond continue to make us welcome and share their delectable bounty of the wild harvest.


Our friend Sandy has come to stay for a few days of fishing, feasting and scrabble.


So now we head south like the birds to spend our last month on Long Island, in Selkie house, in the village of Gaultois. It will be a little strange to be back in the world of people but looking forward to a gentle transition in this delightful carless outport of boardwalks, trails and ripening blueberries.





Nettie’s outdoor studio
finessing the selkies…
Newfoundland Water Pitcher plant on the bog
blue dragon fly
looking for berries
fire pit seats
scrabble, a beer and a lake…perfect!
supper’s up
aerial shot of New Pond…Blue Charm Inn is on the bottom right before the river flows through to Loon Pond and Mann Pond
summer storm coming
singing selkies
harvest moon
Fran fishing in our cove
dawn mists
salmon ring
DSC07210 - Version 2
mink taking off from the shore
mink taking off across da pond
full moon of the night of the Great Horned Owl
Sandy and Nettie on the track to the fen out the back of the cabin
any moose or bear?
dancing woman cloud above the Blue Charm Inn
IMG_7029 - Version 3
leaping salmon
squirrels and knickers in the wood pile
getting stores for the winter

DSC06933 DSC06941 DSC06944 DSC06946 DSC06950 DSC06959 DSC06963 DSC06972 DSC06997 DSC07003 DSC07010 DSC07025 DSC07071 DSC07074 DSC07080 DSC07086 DSC07090 DSC07098 DSC07102 DSC07103 DSC07129 DSC07134 - Version 2 DSC07135 DSC07137 DSC07142 DSC07145 DSC07152 DSC07154 DSC07159 DSC07178 DSC07179 DSC07183 DSC07185 DSC07189 DSC07190 DSC07207 DSC07210 DSC07214 DSC07215 DSC07220 DSC07221 DSC07226 DSC07234 IMG_6921 IMG_6926 IMG_6937 IMG_6959 IMG_6963 IMG_6978 IMG_6979 IMG_6983 IMG_6992 IMG_6994 IMG_6996 IMG_6998 IMG_7000 IMG_7002 IMG_7009 IMG_7021 IMG_7029 IMG_7031 IMG_7034


3 thoughts on “Leaving the Pond 2013

  1. Wow, you continue to inspire with the sharing of a world so removed from my own. To think of how many people survived with abundance in such raw nature astounds me – even when I know well many more people have lived that life than the one I live. Good one gals!


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