Watershed – Exhibition Apollo Bay 30 NOv – 16 Dec 2013

Nettie’s first solo exhibition!

Nettie's Art Studio




 “The seal is one of the most beautiful of all symbols for the wild soul.”

(Clarissa Pinkola Estes)


My enchantment with the selkie myth of seals shape shifting into human form led me to explore water spirits and other creatures of that ilk.

The ocean is the source of all life, and there are many myths and magical tales of other worldly beings living in our waters and this transcends all cultures.

In both myth and reality, the ocean is the mother of all creations, on both land and sea. And then there is the legend of Sedna.

The legend of how Sedna became a sea goddess is told throughout the Arctic. As a sea goddess, Sedna has dominion over her creations and controls the availability of seal, walrus, fish, whale, and other sea animals to Inuit hunters.

Mermaids are associated with the mythological Greek sirens

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