Newfoundland in Winter

imageimageimageimageOne day we will have a stay in the winter wonderland of our Newfoundland home….thinking of our friends in their long, cold winter as we pray for rain here in our dry southern land….thanks to Daphne, Marty and Charlee for posting these beautiful photos554529_10154163992325355_146930248_n 1507983_10154333701935355_1235373339_n 1545608_10154163990620355_1556925602_n 1655915_10154334310265355_1192881385_n 1688798_10154333746640355_493660229_n 1891156_10154333699680355_177527339_n 1912090_10154337358325355_1650542714_n 1921940_10154343420260355_378087982_nselkiehouseinwinter 1003483_10152288444971788_83810158_n1618599_10152215019664686_704241143_n 35487_10152215015924686_368695526_n 1464642_10152215020194686_354331534_n 1660902_10152215024939686_682971159_n 1661037_10152212260084686_1876071196_n 1655920_10152215017964686_1873710742_n


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