They’re Building a Roundabout in Paradise…

two bergs in the St John’s harbour

How we love stepping off the plane in St John’s, Newfoundland! We just happened to land on the Summer Solstice – which is the official beginning of Summer in Canada. And always a delight to be welcomed back into our Atlantic Maritime family.

Newfoundland’s capital city is about to get their first roundabout… in the suburb of Paradise. This is the most eastern province of “Canadia”, dangling in the North Atlantic Ocean, that loves to give its towns and villages sentimental names such as Heart’s Desire, Heart’s Ease, Heart’s Delight, Cupids and… Dildo.  Anyway, the roundabout is the cause of great controversy as the local drivers are unsure if they will know what to do as some of them find it hard to stop, even when the lights are red.

Roxanne’s sons, Stephen and Ian have grown into young men and give us the biggest, warmest hugs. We had our traditional big meal out at all you can eat City Lights Restaurant.

Our Topsail family: Roxanne, Craig, Stephen & Ian

Next day: Iceberg hunting with Roxanne and Sandy and we were rewarded with two at the harbour’s entrance, one large one grounded and slowly melting just before The Narrows in St John’s harbour AND a breaching humpback whale . The general consensus is that it may have been celebrating the presence of the millions of caplin about to beach themselves all along the northern shoreline of this island of rock.

Last day in St John’s was spent trawling the shops (or “thwacking” around as Sandy, our shopping guide extraordinaire, would say) getting all our supplies for the trip ‘up island’. And a catch up evening spent with Sharon and Elsa in their lovely St Phillips-Portugal Cove home filling us in with news of Gaultois where we are headed next. (they were with us when Fran broke her leg last year and we were so grateful for their presence). And now our Maritime Summer adventure begins…

berg watching
the famous Newfoundland dog
Sandy, Nettie & Roxanne – colour coordination!
should be called windy hill


Fran with her Inuit artist Elias Semigak soapstone carved dancing bear
The view from Signal Hill of the colourful city & harbour of St John’s
The Narrows







11 thoughts on “They’re Building a Roundabout in Paradise…

  1. Mon dieu … roundabouts in Paradise! What will they think of next. If the locals don’t like to slow down then I assume they don’t have anything as inconvenient as stop lights? And a town called Dildo? Priceless. Summer solstice there and the winter solstice here, though I hazard a guess that we may still be just a little warmer judging by your clothing and the icebergs. I’m house sitting for Greg and Susie while they are away and hoping the change of scenery will be an impetus to put pen to paper or fingers to the keyboards more accurately. Looking forward to your next post and photos from Gaultois… the blues are somehow translucent! All that lovely water … hearts balm to a Pisces With much love from the plateau Michaela


    1. hey Michaela sounds like a wonderful reflective winter opportunity has arisen for you, and what a great place to stay… it was a chilly day with the wind blowing off the bergs but after our summer we really don’t mind.
      And yes there is something about the blues here… just had to make a little edit for our broad public readership 🙂 … x


  2. well u are now there, and ready to do the hermit thing .photos are good. i’m ok tho now its really getting cold. love mum


      1. I imagine looking out the window to watch the movement of the breeze upon the surface of the lake, it’s surface broken into a myriad gleaming facets.Behind me the soft clack of the keyboard the energetic scrawp and scrape of charcoal on paper, while the delicious afterthought of fried fish, fresh caught and gladly eaten makes my mouth water. I sip my tea and sigh my dears and long to join you there.


  3. hey Jennifer can feel you in this dream we seem to be sharing… pond is glorious, vibrant with the coming summer, huge salmon are jumping and the trout are mouth-watering. i shall make a cuppa and think of you here xxx


  4. Far be it for me to complain about sitting here in the cold short daze of mid-winter, awaiting the repetition of another routine week. Every one posting is so full of hyperbole and wonder and yearning at the dream like quality of the input of stimulus, from every quarter, that you two must be experiencing on a daily basis. I mean who hasn’t been iceberg spotting or seen humpback whales, who hasn’t cruised the rugged coast of the infamous north atlantic coast, who doesn’t know a gaggle of people from the other hemisphere to whom one feels can call dear and cherished friends. Ahhh thanks to your photos and blogs, your sharing of your extended Canadian family, we have all done it!


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