Gaultois in Late Spring

So after two days in St John’s accumulating our supplies we hit the road early Tuesday. It is 605 km from St John’s, the capital city, to Hermitage harbour where we catch the ferry to Gaultois on Long Island. It is a journey of changing landscapes, including the barren boulders that command the ithmus of barely a couple of kilometers wide, separating the Avalon Peninsula from the rest of the island. More wonderful Newfoundland names including Come by Chance, Goobies, and Blow Me Down tempt us to detour, but our sights are set on the little outport that has become so special in our hearts. From Bishop Falls we turn south onto the Bay d’Espoir highway. About halfway down before we reach the plateau, we saw our first black bear on Newfoundland, this being our fifth trip. It was small, probably a juvenile, and it scampered across the road and into the woods where it stopped and peaked through the trees and watched us for a good five minutes before disappearing deeper into the dense vegetation. Its thick and lush coat was like black velvet. We were chuffed. As the ferry turned into the harbour at Gaultois, we had a real sense of homecoming. Having left nine months ago after Fran broke her leg walking back from Whalers Cave, this felt like a healing return. And a lovely warm welcome from our Gaultois friends was waiting for us – including a tray of fresh cod – thanks Marcella! Selkie House, having been closed up all that harsh winter, was surprisingly unmusty considering that the snow was so deep that it had apparently covered the back windows. We settled back in very quickly. Three nights and two days were spent catching up with people and a walk around the small trail loop admiring the bright green of the late Spring- early Summer ,where it seems almost as if the vegetation is trying to make up for lost time – the place was covered by snow from November to May – harshest winter in many people’s living memory. Tomorrow we take the early ferry back across Hermitage Bay and head north again – this time for the Blue Charm Inn on New Pond – Ragged Harbour River. We will be looking out for more bears along the way.


2 thoughts on “Gaultois in Late Spring

  1. Delighting in the sharing! Wow to the black bear! I can only wonder at the power of natures absolute presence as you travel. How vast and unforgiving to the unprepared yet so much an extension of what we are at our core – organic and spiritual beings. Placing individual nature into the vast greater nature! way to go, must be easy to meditate where you are. Miss you both. All is well here so lots of love and hugs.


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