Journey Through Little Passage,-55.7422638,28765m/data=!3m1!1e3

We were so fortunate to have Rodney Andrews, local and passionate resident of Gaultois, take the four of us (Fran, Nettie, Susie and Greg) in his boat along Little Passage – a narrow body of water separating Long Island (on which the township of Gaultois is located) from the mainland. Just before sunset we left Hermitage Bay and journeyed through Little Passage to Raymond’s Point in the Bay d’Espoir fjord. What a magical trip through coves with sunken boats, past waterfalls and rocky outcrops full of imagined carved faces – oh if these rock walls could speak… This sheltered passageway even has its own archeological site with evidence of Maritime Archaic, Paleo-Eskimo and recent Indian campsite.

Certainly was a privilege to be guided through these places with Rodney’s stories to illustrate and a boat ride that is etched in our memories forever – thank you Rodney for such generous sharing.

References for archeological site:

A Point Peninsula Rim Sherd from L’Anse a Flamme, Newfoundland

Gerald Penney

Canadian Journal of Archaeology / Journal Canadien d’Archéologie

No. 5 (1981), pp. 171-173

Published by: Canadian Archaeological Association

Article Stable URL:

DSC00773 DSC00779 DSC00780 DSC00782 DSC00792 DSC00794 DSC00808 DSC00809 DSC00822 DSC00836 DSC00837 - Version 2 DSC00838 DSC00846 DSC00851 DSC00860 DSC00871 DSC00873 DSC00877 DSC00880 DSC00884 DSC00886 DSC00901 DSC00904 DSC00916 DSC00931 DSC00934 DSC00941 DSC00951 DSC00954 DSC00963 DSC00978 DSC00983 DSC00984 DSC00992 DSC00995 DSC01002 DSC01006 DSC01010 DSC01015 DSC01037 DSC01042 DSC01052 DSC01065 DSC01070 DSC01088 DSC01092 DSC01093 DSC01095 DSC01096 DSC01098 DSC01100 DSC01104 DSC01105 DSC01114 DSC01147 DSC01153 DSC01159 DSC01166 DSC01177 DSC01181 DSC01197


One thought on “Journey Through Little Passage

  1. looks very lovely… adore the rock formations,….so interesting and colour ful. one sour note is, why didn’t anyone think to take a picture of you nettie? see like dad ,no on takes the photographer. ha ha its a bit warmer now and a super sunny bright blue skies. tho a big low coming over for the fri and sat. bye mum


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