Cod Fishing in Hermitage Bay

IMG_8890 IMG_8892 IMG_8893 IMG_8894

Never before arriving in Newfoundland nearly five years ago had we had the pleasure of eating fresh cod. What an unexpected delight it was –, subtle in flavour and so soft and succulent it just melts in your mouth! And everybody said we must come cod fishing one day…

IMG_8898Well one day finally arrived! An early start with the rising sun found us out with Christine and Rodney crossing Hermitage Bay to sit just off Black Head and in such a line with two islands as to be in one of Rodney’s favourite haunts. We were escorted out by a pod of about fifty dolphins and as we fished a Minke whale circled the boat puffing and blowing as it surfaced and dived. Topped off by the arrival of two bald eagles it just doesn’t get much better!

And it was Nettie’s day indeed! Not only did she fill her quota, but all were big feisty fish that tested her strength and determination, in fact she insists it as hard a labour as giving birth!IMG_8901IMG_8903


IMG_8905 IMG_8909 IMG_8910 IMG_8914 IMG_8916 IMG_8917 IMG_8927 IMG_8928 IMG_8934

After a few more fish just off Piccarie Harbour entrance Rodney took us all the way into the far end of North West Arm, the hidden end of this delightful old settlement where the water lay calm and undisturbed by weather or wind. A lone seal poking his head up as if to say, “what are you doing here?”

IMG_8947 IMG_8956 IMG_8960 IMG_8965 IMG_8968 IMG_8972

Then back out into the bay for the last few fish before turning for home. What a wonderful day indeed and we again offered our thanks to our Gaultois friends and their generous spirits, and the returning health of the cod population, as we feasted on tender sweet cod tongues for supper.



6 thoughts on “Cod Fishing in Hermitage Bay

  1. Magical mystery tour. How will you ever manage to return home to us without a feeling of loss. Still, suppose its like having two homes. To venture outward and sample the world and suffer feelings of separation on return to the mundane, is better than doing little and feeling nothing. Were you bought to wonder the origins of the term…..Male Codpiece? Or is it just me? You both look so wonderful and the photos are stunning. Busy productive time here and am trying to find quality time for a big email to keep you up to date. All is well here and thanks again for the great sharing. Much love Shiv’s


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