Crow Kiah Dawn

It’s always like a treat to leave the city and head south into the remnant of temperate rainforest that is our Australian home in the Otway Ranges. The land is already drying up and browning off with early tastes of the long searing summer to come.

But home here in Crow Kiah, protected by the tress the grass is still green and lush. We walked the dawn of our first morning, drawing deep  breaths of Eucalypt and tea tree, feasting our senses on the flowering abundance of spring and the woven song of a myriad of birds ecstatic with the coming of the light, grateful for the gift of each and every day….

Warratah Flower
Tea Tree flower
Red tips of Eucalyptus spring growth
Towards the Orchard
Our daughter Lizzie took us home
Mama red backed wallaby with joey just outside window
Peppernint gum (eucalyptus) flower
View across the valley
Ancient grass trees probably many hindered years old.
Our dam for summer watering (no ponds here!)

DSC02989 DSC02995 DSC03001 DSC03011 DSC03014 DSC03031


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