Winter is coming! Winter is coming!


We made it to winter in Newfoundland and it is an enchanting.  The five flights was worth it to leave the hot summer of Australia traveling through the magic portal back in time to where the sun rises first on earth and it is nearly winter.(officially starts on the winter solstice 22 Dec in Northern Hemisphere)

Lovely Sandy got out of her bed in the middle of the night to greet us at the near empty St John’s airport. A few hour’s sleep and we woke to snow on the ground – very exciting.

A few days spent ‘thacking’ around (Sandy’s word for shopping) and we found some great coats and boots and got in the bulk supplies for our wintering in our outport home Selkie House in Gaultois.

Coyote Hat



Sealskin boots



Nettie finally gets her Joan of Arctic boots


Enjoying a Guinness in da Duke


da Duchess enters da Duke




The F & C Trio
Duckworth Street


Looking towards Water Street and St John’s Harbour


Cathedral of St John the Baptist
St John’s Harbour



The red berries of the naked Dogwood trees colour in the spaces between the Xmas trees


The coloured buildings are in Pleasantville where Sandy lives in front of Pippy Park


Fort Amherst Lighthouse



The Narrows at dawn


Breakfast at Rumplestiltskins

We breakfasted with that child of nature Char-Lee, nursing and studying for her Nurse Practitioner Master’s Degree – who met us after working 12 hour shift in local hospital. Great to see you again Char-Lee and thanks for the delicious and thoughtful gifts!

Two wildlings at Signal Hill


DSC08354 (1)
Two buddies looking out to sea


Char-Lee looking good after 12 hour night shift bearing home-made gifts either grown, picked or hunted by Char-Lee and partner Justin: marinated carrots, rhubarb pickle, bottled moose  and  blueberry wine


Rudoph’s Berry (written by Char-Lee)

History tells us of that famous flight

When Rudolph’s nose lit up the night

But down in the cellar, Santa was thinking

What special wine would people be drinking?

The elves and the reindeer were gathered around

In hopes that a holiday wine would be found

Then Rudy stepped forward, every elf was quiet

“Let’s bottle a berry, it’ll be a riot!”

“You’re right” Santa exclaimed,”Berry wine we can do!

Thanks, dear Rudy, we’ll name it for you.”

So Rudolph’s Berry is the newest addition

Just in time for this Christmas tradition.


Piles of salt for the roads and paths to stop the ice from setting

And what better way to end our short stay in St John’s but to share a delicious supper with our Topsail family: Roxanne, Craig, Stephen and Ian. Delicious lasagne followed by home baked cheesecake with homemade strawberry freezer jam-absolutely scrumptious- thanks Roxanne. It is starting to feel a lot like Christmas…their home was festive and bright 🙂





15 thoughts on “Winter is coming! Winter is coming!

  1. oooo a white christmas!!! Makes my celtic blood sing (christmas carols of course 🙂 Looking forward to reading all about it as we swelter. Cannot help but think of Selkies when I see the boots – Nettie maybe you can find your Selkie skin while you’re there?
    Picked up the new issue of Otway Life last week and very happy with the stock and printing. A little flatter and darker than the digital print but lovely soft feel and look. Everyone is excited and loves this issue. Can I send you a hard copy?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Gill…yes they certainly know how to do Christmas here! we’re at Selkie House now in Gaultois and people are so generous – we have a very Chrismassy looking home now 🙂 and yes definitely keeping an eye out for my selkie skin..ha glad to hear our Summer Issue is printed and gorgeous- yes would LOVE a hard copy or two please: 107 Valley Area Gaultois A1H 1NO Newfoundland again soon and may catch you on Skype one day xx


  2. Hooray! I’m through, I’m through, oh lord free at last God almighty I’m free at last, I cast off the chains that bind me etc… Did someone else say this? Bit slow with efforts to communicate. Back from Adelaide working Ytube projects – talks on the various subjects. Should do this in an email. Love your work with the blog, transfixed by the photos and dialogue and trust both of you are well and happy, lots of love James Shiv’s Middleton


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