Subdued silence of little snow…

First dawn at Selkie House


Thrilling how the wilderness can speak in contrasting languages, can reach across continents and oceans, stretch half a world yet need no translation to the listening soul.

Ancient indigenous tongues of weather and wind speak of bushfires and drought, of the subdued silence of falling snow and the sharp crack of moving ice.

How blessed we are with our chosen homes even as we exchange a burning summer for blizzards and sleet, ever moved by the profound beauty and intricate balance of the diversity of our mother earth as she supports all forms of life on this remarkable planet.

first dusting

DSC08463 DSC08462 DSC08457 DSC08453

Christmas angel
track out back to the woods and an almost frozen pond
view from back porch

DSC08497 DSC08491DSC08506 DSC08509DSC08513 DSC08514 DSC08519 DSC08527 DSC08529 DSC08536


Thanks to our Gaultois friends for a lovely welcome back…stepping into a cleaned and warmed up house which we saw lit up from the ferry – was very much appreciated. With generous help from many we are now well set up and ready for the ‘real’ winter!

Christmas tree – top of fir tree cut from the back woods decorated with the help from neighbours
Santa visits the local library
party kitchen
the popular annual turkey raffle
Selkie House
Terra Nova ferry in Gaultois Harbour
The Point at Gaultois as we come in by ferry


always up for a friendly chat
DSC08442 (1)
picking up supplies from the ferry

2 thoughts on “Subdued silence of little snow…

  1. What a magnificent job of putting together the words and the graphics – almost felt as though I were there. So glad you’ve settled in, and no doubt the best is yet to come. Happy landing!


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