Winter Solstice Dawning




Winter Solstice Dawning The night closed in early and the lights of the village was all there was to guide the way of our neighbours visiting with gifts of pea soup, shrimps and fish cakes…and a few more jumpers to keep us warm. Flurries swarmed in the wind building through the night eventually blowing our front door open at 3am – the exact moment of the solstice when the earth stands still on its axis for a moment and then begins its slow return, tilting towards Spring. Snuggled back into deep slumber, we woke to our first true northern winter solstice dawn with the village blanketed in white. And then rose the sun…

DSC08599 DSC08602 DSC08614 DSC08619 DSC08623 DSC08625 DSC08629 DSC08630 DSC08631


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